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George Busschaert was born on 12th May 1911. Along with George his father two brothers and a sister all had an interest in pigeon racing.

At the end of the 1920’s the Busshcaert family moved to Beveren, Leie where they established a haulage business. At the same time, they invested heavily in racing pigeons from various sources. Maurice Delbar, Vandevelde, Sticklebout and Commines to name just a few. At the end of the 1940’s the haulage business was sold.

Busschaert opened a carpet factory in Kent, England. A racing partnership was formed with Gil Duncan of Deal, Kent. With the pigeons that Busschaert provided, the partnership set about breaking records in the Kent clubs and feds. Between 1956 – 1962 they won over 150 1st prizes, often dominating the fed results. Other fanciers rapidly became interested in Busschaerts pigeons. Busschaert seized the opportunity to sell his pigeons to English fanciers. The famous Newton pair were sold at this time, their offspring dominated the west Durham amalgamation and later the up North combine. The North East of England soon became a hot bed for the Busschaerts. Everyone wanted them. George Busschaert became a household name within the British racing scene.

In 1960 Busschaert returned to Belgium. A new phase in the Busschaerts began. Gradually most of the old ‘Coppi’ — ‘Tito’ – ‘Crack’ bloodlines were replaced with the new ‘Klaren’— ‘Sooten’ bloodlines. Busschaert described them as smaller, better handling, with the ability to fly further. Throughout the 1970’s and early 1980’s, these new ‘Klaren’ – ‘Sooten’ pigeons were sold into the UK and just as before, Busschaerts pigeons dominated the racing results. ‘Pluto’, ‘Rapido’, ‘Little Black’, ‘Domingo’, ‘Schiavon’, ‘Crayonne’, ‘Bandito’ are just a few of the great Busschaerts from the ‘Klaren’ – ‘Sooten’ era.

In 1982 Busschaert held his final dispersal sale. This sale shortly proceeded Busschaerts death. Included in this sale were the bloodlines of new introductions into the ‘Klaren’ – ‘Sooten’ era. ‘Daniel’, ‘Jeroom’, ‘Den Atleet’. It is believed that these three cocks were more distance orientated.

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